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Collective exhibitions  : Around forty since 1973, in France and abroad (Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Morocco). Regular annual activities.

Individual exhibitions :
1973 : Rabat, Tetouan, Kenitra, Youssoufia, Fes, "Images from Morocco" French Cultural Centers
1975 : Nantes France "Images from Morocco" Audiovisual Gallery.
1976 : Rennes, Paimboeuf, France
"Composite Images".
1980 : Nantes, France
“Somewhere in Greece” Roger Portugal Gallery
1997 : Rezé, France
“The Loire Atout South Cultural Center”.
1999 : Cherbourg, France
“Black Soils of Iceland” Municipal Gallery
Nantes, France
“Music Everywhere” Proce Manor.
1999-2000 : Paris, France
“Black Soils of Iceland” Gallery of the Ministry of Finance, Bercy.
2001: Crécy-Couvé, France
“Black Soils of Iceland” City Hall, Festival of Dreux.
Paris, France
“People From the East” Gallery of the Ministry of Finance, Bercy.
2002 : Saint Sébastien S/Loire, France
France “People From the East” Gallery of the MediaPlace, Yves Laurent.
2004 : Clisson, France
“Men From the East” Workshop From the Val de Sevre.
2006 : Orvault, France
“Morocco, Privileged Instants” Castle of the Gobiniere.
2007 : Nantes, France
“Faces from Sicily” Permanent University.
2008 : Clisson, France
“Faces from Sicily” Oratory. In the Italien Frames.

Supplies used :

Photo shot : Nikon, Canon, Leica, Pentax 6x7, Fuji 4.5x6, Hasselblad Xpan, Kodak TriX in general.
Laboratory :  Enlarger Ahel 12, Agfa paper 111, then Foma 111, Neutol.

My photographs can be purchased. I produce manually on “baryte” paper, in a limited edition of 30 examples per each photograph.

I also can offer black and white exhibitions about varied topics presented in the attached gallery. Each exhibition includes about 30 photographs or more, mounted on off-white mat and black frames Nielson 40 x 50. Conditions are negotiable.

Exhis disponibles :
The Loire River, Somewhere in Greece, Islands from Hellade, Black Soils of Iceland, Music Everywhere, People From the East (Egypt, Jordan), Morocco, Privileged Instants, Faces From Sicily, Spring in Cyprus, When the Sea Retires, Saharan Instants: The Hoggar Desert, Portuguese Strolls, Norwegian Landscapes,
A Taste from Ireland, Small Gardens